Advantages When Students Use High Tech at School

As computer, Internet, and other technologies advance, they are playing a major role in our daily lives. They are now a part of our work lives and we use it at home for financial reasons, acquiring news stories, research and education, and communicating with friends and families. It is playing more of a significant role in our lives.

These high-tech tools are important for children to learn and use. Technology is a doorway to education and job skills. The necessity of learning and understanding emerging technologies has resulted in the need to offer it in schools.

The advantages of using high tech devices and learning in schools include:

1. Because of the internet, students now have an abundance of knowledge at their finger tips. It is no longer textbooks that teach children. The internet offers a host of knowledge resources to help children learn. The Internet also has an abundance of interactive programs that can be downloaded or used online that will help children improve their reading, language, math, science, and other course skills, There are games and exercises appropriate for any age. They can help assess a child's level of learning and understanding as well as identify any learning weaknesses. The high tech tools can also help with memory and hand/eye coordination.

2. There is also an increasingly more of a need for more high school graduates to major in high-technology related fields when they enter college. Many jobs now involve high tech tools. Preparing a child for a productive future will greatly improve the chances of them acquiring a rewarding and lucrative career

3. Students that learn about high-tech tools in a hands-on way will help them overcome any insecurity that they may have about advanced technology. It will show them that high tech is something to be embraced, not feared.

4. New high tech tools in such areas as science provides students with new ways of experimenting and observing in more detailed and graphic ways. For example, this will help improve their overall understanding because the students can remotely control microscopes at laboratories that may be thousands of miles away from the school and they can speak to experts in just about any field. The students will be more compelled to learn.

5. It can improve the skills needed for success on standardized tests. It helps with the development of critical and innovative thinking skills. They will learn not to regurgitate information, but to explain it in a more comprehensive way.

6. Studies have shown that technology-based learning environments have helped at-risk students overcome barriers and have contributed to increased success rates.

7. Technology enhances work projects through such processes as computer word processing, and creating charts, tables, and graphs. It will give them an insight into the work world.

Technology now touches almost every part of our lives, our communities, and our homes. Schools should take advantage of all that technology has to offer students in the areas of teaching and learning. High tech learning will help students acquire the skills they need to flourish in this highly technical knowledge-based economy.

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Well written on Technology..

As technology is the only way that can change the thinking and calliper of students towards learning.. Internet really play very cruicial role in studies these days. The point you have written in the post are really need to considered regarding the technology, internet and computers.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here..
Good work
keep going !!!


Rone from sejour linguistique cambridge

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