Tutorial for Students

There are many tips and tricks of microsoft office product, especially Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Those products are used by the curriculum of high school level in Indonesia. The tips are in PDF formats that can be open by using Adobe Reader software.

Just single click to:

Microsoft Word
Add a Page Break | View a Document | Find and Replace
Change Font Type | Create a Table | Create a Template
Draw an Autoshape | Create a Web Page | Online Training

Microsoft Excel
Create a Formula | Insert and Delete a Worksheet
Paste Values | Absolute Cell References | Create a Chart
Sort Information | Share a Workbook | Save a Web Page
Online Training

Microsoft Power Point
Add Notes | Find and Replace | Change Slide Background
Add a Footer | Draw an AutoShape | Insert ClipArt
Rearrange an Outline | Create a Web Page | Online Training

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soumboy said...

pak, berhubung aku pake OpenSource/gratisan (coz buat beli lisensinya mahal) seperti OpenOffice.

ada nggak tutorialnya???

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