Download Silabus dan RPP SMA Bilingual - Update 2009

Download free Syllabus (Silabus) and Lesson Plans (RPP) for Senior High School (SMA Bilingual) especially for Indonesian teachers with Bilingual School system, all files are in PDF format which can be open by using some application software, try to install Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader to your computer first, download one of those software from this page, the links appeared on your right side (sidebar).

After downloaded the syllabus or lesson plan file (.pdf), it can be modify with your own name or school lesson plan, by convert this free Syllabus and Lesson Plan (Silabus-RPP) to word document file (.doc) using the converter software or online converter.

Many lessons of syllabus and lesson plan for Bilingual Senior High School (SMA Bilingual), there are Biology Lesson (Biologi), Chemistry Lesson (Kimia), ICT (TIK), Mathematic Lesson (Matematika) and more, start download the files..

Just single click to the list link, then it will open document with pdf format automaticly, save to your hard disk!
(or you can convert the .pdf to .doc file by using Adobe Acrobat Reader 7)

Free Syllabus and Lesson Plans for Bilingual Senior Junior High School (SMA Bilingual) list:

Silabus-RPP Biology SMA 1

Silabus-RPP Biology SMA 2

Silabus-RPP Biology SMA 3

Silabus-RPP Chemistry SMA 1

Silabus-RPP Chemistry SMA 2

Silabus-RPP Chemistry SMA 3

Silabus-RPP ICT SMA 1

Silabus-RPP ICT SMA 2

Silabus-RPP ICT SMA 3

Silabus-RPP Mathematics SMA 1

Silabus-RPP Mathematics SMA 2

Silabus-RPP Mathematics SMA 3

source info:

other school levels: SD | SMP | SMA
| MI | MTs | MA

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ikki said...

kalau ada silabus versi bahasa inggris untuk semua mata pelajaran tingkat SMA dunk ... sedot dlu yg dah ada ah .. ditunggu yg lainnya yah ...


ikki said...

none of those files above could be downloaded. Please tell me whether i've done something wrong? And it's still in indonesian language .. did i miss-reading?

Anonymous said...

iya, kayaknya emang pake bahasa indonesia deh, lebih bagus kalo ada yang pake english

Adji Siji said...

MANA BILINGUAL TEH??????????????

Adji Siji said...

rpp bilingual, mana...?

Syamsul Hadi said...

kok isinya bahasa indonesia ya?

Unknown said...

rpp ktsp SEJARAH ISLAM ada gak pak ? send to my email please !! (

jufry said...

mantap gan ... oh yah ngomong2 soal iklannya neh, makismal berapa yah??? blog ku kok cuman bisa 3??

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