Convert PDF to Excel Document Online - .pdf to .xls file

Have you succeed with "
Converting PDF to Word Document files" such as written in the previous post?

And now, another problem is..

Have you looking for files on the internet which format is xls (or excel document) but you've got the PDF one?

In this article, let me introduce a website that could help you to Convert .PDF files to Excel Document (.xls) with 3 simple steps:

How to convert pdf to Excel from this site? here the steps:
  1. Select PDF file to convert, browse one of pdf files on your computer hard disk.
  2. Convert PDF file to .XLS
  3. Put your email address into the box, than start convert by clicking the button.
wait for a moment.. than open your email inbox, the xls file will attached which available to download.

More advantage for converting PDF file to Excel Document with :
  1. While it's not possible to replicate the exact formatting and appearance of the original tables and spreadsheets, we believe our free PDF-to-Excel converter produces more accurate-looking and easier-to-edit XLS files than any other tool out there, including the most expensive desktop products.

  2. Unlike most PDF-to-Excel converters, we successfully detect all tables and discard non-tabular content, leaving you with a clean, easy-to-use XLS file.

    Other conversion solutions typically convert the entire contents of a PDF into a hard-to-use XLS file, or force you to manually highlight each table before converting them for re-use in Microsoft Excel or another application.

  3. PDF to Excel does the best job of maintaining look and feel to match the original files.

    Most PDF-to-Excel converters extract content into basic Excel files while discarding important formatting. PDF to Excel matches font styles, size, and colors, and wherever possible, reproduces the table appearance with borders, cell coloring, and row/column height and width.

Ready to try? Click here to start!

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