Silabus dan RPP SD - Platinum Edition

Free Syllabus (Silabus) and Lesson Plans (RPP) for Elementary School (SD) especially for Indonesian teachers, all files are in PDF format which can be open by using some application software, try to install Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader to your computer first, download one of those software from this page, the links is appear on your right side.

Many lessons of syllabus and lesson plan, there are Social Lesson (IPS), Indonesian Lesson, Math Lesson, Science Lesson (IPA) and more wait for the next update.

Just single click to the list link, then it will open document with pdf format automaticly, save to your hard disk!
(you can convert the .pdf to .doc file with using Adobe Acrobat Reader 7)

Free Syllabus and Lesson Plans Platinum Edition for Elementary (SD) lists:

Aktif Belajar IPS SD 1
Aktif Belajar IPS SD 2
Aktif Belajar IPS SD 3
Aktif Belajar IPS SD 4
Aktif Belajar IPS SD 5
Aktif Belajar IPS SD 6

Bahasa Indonesia SD 1
Bahasa Indonesia SD 2
Bahasa Indonesia SD 3
Bahasa Indonesia SD 4
Bahasa Indonesia SD 5
Bahasa Indonesia SD 6

Dunia Matematika SD 1
Dunia Matematika SD 2
Dunia Matematika SD 3
Dunia Matematika SD 4
Dunia Matematika SD 5
Dunia Matematika SD 6

Dunia IPA SD 1
Dunia IPA SD 2
Dunia IPA SD 3
Dunia IPA SD 4
Dunia IPA SD 5
Dunia IPA SD 6

Other levels: SD | SMP | SMA

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Unknown said...

mana silabus dan RPP free? tidak bisa di download!

Johnmansda said...

Bapak Mulyadi, untuk mendownload Silabus dan RPP, komputer anda harus terinstal program Adobe Reader terlebih dahulu, link Adobe reader ada di kanan atas, terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

ko ga ada silabus rpp sd untuk seni musik ya???

Anonymous said...

kok silabus dan rpp seni buday dan keterampilan gak ada ya??

Anonymous said...

kok silabus keterampilan dan kesenian g ada?????

Anonymous said...

Butuh rpp SBK semua kelas buat sd ni ada ga..........? ya tlongin dunk

sininchi23 said...

silabus sbk kok ndak ada, sekalian rpp-nya?

Anonymous said...

Trim's silabus dan rppnya, pknnya ga ada ?

Anonymous said...

butuh program semester kls 6 smtr 1 yg ktsp

Anonymous said...

mas tolong kirimkan SILABUS dan RPP Penjaskes kls 1-6 ke email saya:

Anonymous said...

silabus pkn nya mana ????

widhia said...

Terima kasih atas sharing nya, bermanfaat banget buat ayah saya

Anonymous said...

its really helpfull

admin said...

Nice info for parents and elementary school students

eti said...

thank u.. for your information. That was very important for me, as a teacher.

Anonymous said...

thx ya pak, it's really helpfull

ANGELITA said...


biaya paket umroh said...

Mau Nyari silabus MTk Bilingual kelas 5 SD ada ga ya?

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