Online Education Website Selection - Part 2

In my last article, we discussed reviewing online course selection and software when considering selection of an online learning website. While course selection and software are important, there are a number of other areas you should consider when selecting a online learning website.

Free Evaluation

While you may have to register or buy a course, make sure there is a free evaluation period and a no questions asked money back guarantee. Working with the product is the best way to evaluate the site. A free online evaluation allows you to see if the site matches your goals and objectives from your Self-Assessment..

Free Courses

Another way to evaluate online education websites is by taking the free online classes, if they are offered. While the online subjects offered for free may be very basic or not quite what you are interested in, working with the product in real time is the best form of evaluation.


While these should not be your sole source upon which to make a decision, you should review these. What do they say? How many can you find? Who is providing them? Testimonials, while many times are self-serving and are provided by the website you are reviewing, will give you an idea of what individuals like about the site and what they found beneficial. Hopefully, the testimonials will highlight areas you identify in your Self-Assessment..


Reviews, especially independent reviews, are very beneficial to your decision. Reviews will confirm the quality of the online learning website and talk about the best features the website offers.


Does the site offer individual course pricing? Package Pricing? Bulk pricing? Review the pricing structure to ensure it is flexible enough to address any of your learning needs. Of course you should consider pricing and a budget as part of your self-assessment.

If you pick a site using the criteria discussed above and those from Part I, you will not have to worry about picking a bad online learning site.
Author: Edward F. Todd, Jr. CPCU, ARM, AIC, MBA

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