How to Make a Graduation DVD Slideshow

To many of us, the age being at school is always pure and sweet. With those who mean the most to you, there are lots of unforgettable memories. It's now time to say goodbye to them. Some of your friends may go off to high-level universities or move away to pursue their careers, is there anything we can do to preserve our memories? What about making a memorable graduation DVD slideshow for them as a graduation gift? And when playing the DVD, the scence will remind them of the happy yesterdays.

A graduation DVD slideshow with the photos that witness the grow-up of you and your friends, the blessings you want to say to your friends, and the proper graduation song becomes the perfect personalized graduation gift for your friends. Then how to make such a DVD slideshow for graduation? Now, this article will tell you how use PowerPoint as the tool to help you create the graduation slideshow.

In the needs of report or seminar in school, there must be Office Suite on most students' computer. As an important part of it, PowerPoint performs the best for presentation. So choose Microsoft PowerPoint as the tool to help you create the graduation slideshow couldn't be better.

1. Prepare resource for the graduation DVD slideshow

* Graduation PowerPoint template
A proper graduation PowerPoint template will bring a graduation atmosphere for the graduation DVD slideshow. Here are some free graduation PowerPoint templates:

* Photos
Scan all the photos you took about your friends and choose the ones that witness the grow-up of you and your friend. The photos from digital cameras could be large in file size, just resize them before inserting to your slideshow. You can also edit the photos to make it look good. Free photo editing software: PhotoScape.

* Graduation song
A graduation song for the slideshow somehow should reflect your feeling about graduation. Here are top 40 graduation songs for you to download.

* Blessing words

Blessing words can be positive reminders for graduates to recall days in school. Here some blessing words for graduation.

2. Make the graduation slideshow with PowerPoint

  • Open your PowerPoint and choose the graduation theme PowerPoint template.
  • Insert photos. By clicking Insert, and then Picture, you can insert the photos to the slides.
  • Insert songs. For inserting songs, just click the Insert and then click Movie/Sound. Choose the digital music file you want to use and click OK. Choose Yes when it asks if you want the file to play automatically.
  • Record a video. To be creative, you can further record a video with your camera, and then insert the video into the PowerPoint graduation slideshow. The room you lived together, the basketball court you have lots of fun on, and the library where you read books can all be captured, also with your own voice as the narration.

3. Generate DVD slideshow and give it away to friends.

After you finish creating the graduation slideshow with PowerPoint, you can transfer the PowerPoint slideshow to DVD slideshow by burning your slideshow onto DVD disc with Acoolsoft PowerPoint to DVD burner for sending to your classmates as special graduation gifts.

A graduation DVD slideshow is a memento that will be treasured for a lifetime. Make it a meaningful graduation gift. Leave the best time in mind forever.
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