Scholarships - The 7 Best Offline Ways To Find Them

The first stop many students make when looking for scholarships is the internet; and with good reason. Scholarship database websites are very popular, convenient, and easy to use. The appeal comes from only having to type in your personal information once while getting in return many scholarships for which you can apply. However, as popular and efficient as these websites are, the fact is: they are not all-inclusive and do not include many of the scholarships you may find within your local community.

1. School's Career Counselor
If you don't look anywhere else, make sure you at least stop into your school's career counseling office. One of the services that this office provides is access to an updated list of local scholarships. As an organization, business, or individual creates a new scholarship, one of the first things it will do is forward the information to the career centers at the local schools. This information is ready and available to you. Go check it out.

2. Hometown Newspaper

In your local newspaper, you are sure to have seen pictures of students receiving scholarships; this a great resource. Start compiling a list of the awards you see here. Find back issues of the paper online. In the search box use the term "scholarship". You might just find the perfect scholarship for you.

3. Community Service Clubs Organizations

such as the local VFW, Rotary Club, Lion's Club, Jaycees, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc. regularly hold fundraisers for the purpose of providing scholarships to the students in their communities. A quick call to these clubs will get you information about these awards. Your local library or community center in town will have a list of these clubs for you to target. To make it even easier, in most cases the national chapter of each club has contact information for their local chapters online.

4. Religious Organization

A number of religious groups offer scholarship awards to the student members of their congregation. Ask your priest, rabbi, monk, pastor, etc. if an award is available. Also, check the national organization of the religious group as many offer national scholarships.

5. All in the Family

Parent's Workers Union, Place of Work, or Military Service If your parents or even grandparents (don't forget about them) are members of a union, you may be in luck. Many unions provide scholarships. If your parents aren't members but you plan to enter a field with a union, you may also qualify. As an employee benefit, many employers offer scholarships to their employees and their families. Have your parents check with the human resources department where they work to see if there is an award waiting for you. Did your parents or grandparents serve in the U.S. Military? If so, you might be in luck. If they belong to a military association, see if that group gives away scholarship awards.

6. Your Place of Work

Just as your parents' employers may give out scholarships, so might your own. Check with your manager even if you only work part time. You might be surprised at what you find.

7. Extracurricular Activities

Being involved in extracurricular activities is not only fun but looks great on your college application. But did you also know that through your club you may be able to get a scholarship? Ask your club advisor and check the national office of the club to see if there is anything available through them. Some of the clubs that do have awards are Girl Scouts, The National Honor Society, Future Farmers of America, Junior Achievement, and even your fraternity or sorority.

These offline scholarships do take a bit more work and time to find but the payoff can be huge. While the internet is still a very helpful reference, make sure you don't make it your only one. Log off your computer and head on out the door. You may just come home with a handful of applications for scholarships you didn't even know existed.

by: Elizabeth Dennis

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