Online Tutoring Jobs: Becoming an Online Tutor

The internet, fast broadband and interactive technologies have revolutionized communications. The impact has been huge and education is one area that has reaped the benefits. On the one hand, students and learners of all ages have new access to knowledge in a wide variety of subjects and skills. On the other, the growth of online tutoring jobs has provided earning, as well as learning, opportunities for tens of thousands of online tutors.

Online tutoring is attractive because of the flexibility it offers tutors. Online tutors can effectively write their own job description. Online tutoring jobs offer the scope for people with the skills and the dedication to help learners to create a rewarding career for themselves or simply to pass on their knowledge and passion for their subject. It’s an industry with almost as many niches as there are people to occupy them. Here are some of the ways that online tutors shape online tutoring jobs for themselves.

Career Tutoring Jobs

For people unwilling or unable to take up conventional teaching jobs, online tutoring can become a fully-fledged, full-time career. That career can be carved out according to the online tutor’s preferences: the tutor can specify his or her own hours and specialize in the subject and/or skills areas they most enjoy and are themselves most skilled in.

Of course, unlike conventional jobs, the onus is on the self-employed online tutor to build up a client base. For those who wish to take on online tutoring jobs as a career, versatility will obviously be helpful. The ability to teach more than one subject will help; so will the ability to teach all ages and to adapt the tutoring services offered to learner’s needs. That might include simple homework help and supervision at one end of the spectrum and intensive coaching for SATs or GREs at the other.

Specialty tutoring jobs

It is also possible to build one’s career as an online tutor around a specialty. That could be a subject specialty, such as math, economics, or language tutoring online. Or it could be skills-oriented. Remedial help for students with learning difficulties is one area that offers opportunities for specialty tutoring online. Some online tutors with the requisite skills may choose to specialise in test prep, either in general, or to prepare students for specific tests.

Part-time online tutoring jobs

The flexibility that comes with online tutoring makes it ideal for people who only have a few hours a week to spare, but plenty to share. Although specialized tutoring jobs and tutoring for college graduates may require extensive qualifications and experience, online tutoring as a part-time option is taken up by many starting out in a career in education. Some online tutoring options certainly require educational experience but homework help and supervision may require an online tutor who (as well as subject competency) has the personality and attitude to help inspire young learners and keep them on the educational path.

Online Tutoring in non-academic subjects and leisure areas

Some online tutors take tutoring jobs primarily because they have a passion for their subject and want to promote it by helping others. Whatever your passion, you will find that there’s someone out there who shares that love of a subject or pastime. Online tutoring is a way to indulge your passion, popularise it and assist others all at the same time.

The principal attributes that good online tutors possess include a love of the subject, detailed knowledge and the people skills to pass it on. For people with those attributes and qualities, online tutoring can be a rewarding and enjoyable career, full- or part-time.

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