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When it comes to parenting tips, new parents are always on the receiving end. Everyone in their family and friends are with certain exciting tips for them. Especially the older members of the family always have something or the other to tell the new parent. Sometimes the parents themselves get confused listening to all this and just want a guide to help them be the best of the parents.

There are a number of parenting guides available for the parents that will help them nurture their baby into a responsible citizen of society. There are parenting books, parenting workshops, parenting classes and much more to guide parents through all the aspects of parenting.

The parenting books available are very informative and contain parenting tips, parenting advice, the do and don't in parenting and much more. There are many different theories and patterns mentioned in the books authored either by an experienced parent or a subject expert.

Advanced studies in paediatrics and child psychology show the causes of the negative traits in growing children that go back to some faults or inadequacies of certain parenting methods. Though the subject experts who are the paediatricians and child psychologists may or may not have actual parenting experience, but with their knowledge and advanced studies related to child psychology they provide suggestions and solutions for parenting in today’s hectic lifestyle.

The other category of books is by the authors who are not subject expert but have abundance of parenting experience to bank upon. With the ability to look at the subject deeply and to grasp the various problems arising in parenting in different situations, these authors analyze the trials and travails of parenting and suggest some practical and time-trusted solutions and methods.

The perfect parenting book is the one that is a good combination of scientific and practical information, down-to-earth parenting experience, and trusted parenting method. However, one thing is to be kept in mind that the book is just a guideline and you may have to develop your own parenting technique that best suits your child and you as each and every individual is unique

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