The Essential Teacher

Now a days, parents are so busy that they can’t give time for their children. They are busy in their duty but don’t try to think even about their child’s study, weak areas & regularity in studies. Hey have no time even to recognize the peer mates of their child. Instead they think that, ‘I have given all responsibilities to the teachers in the school as I am paying for it’. So also children do not give much importance to their parent’s words rather they follow their teachers. They copy every work of their teachers. That’s why teacher’s role is very essential now a days.

Teacher’s most important duty is to think about the child’s development in every field. He should plan before every activity for the children , even a class. H e should also take individual importance to the child. He should be completely ego less.

Followings are some essential requirements of the teacher:


Teacher must always keep himself in positive atmosphere. He must see everything positively. Every child in front him is a potential one. He thinks every child equal and take all to the positive arena where nothing is impossible.


It is a very important quality of a teacher. Because of the smiling face of the teacher, children become fearless and speak openly. They love the teacher and his subject.


A teacher must be a creative one. Creative teacher faces no problem in the class. His work always inspires the children to be more creative. The class room becomes an enjoying one if a teacher plays different roles.


The teacher should not possess any ego. The teacher who says I am teaching the children, he is spoiling everything. He should think teaching as a service of God. He has to be a child in the class so that child will enjoy the class. Gap between the teacher and students spoils every step of education.


Love has the power which can change everything to its right shape. Students remember much when a class goes on with love. Love spreads love. And the whole world will be filled with love.


A teacher must be an all rounder. He should be very well in extracurricular activities besides the subject mastery. Children are very well impressed by the extra activities of the teacher.


Teaching job is not so easy without patience. Teacher who spreads anger on the children is a defeated teacher. An impatient teacher can’t be appreciated by the children.


A teacher should be a pragmatist one. He should have pragmatic look in all work and his thinking process. He should generate real life situation for the children. Children learn more things in the practical base rather than theories.

Thus, teacher’s role is very important to train the coming generation of the country. Teacher must feel his importance and duty to play with the children.

By: Nirmala Sahu,M.A,M.Phil,B.Ed

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