Graduate School Admissions (Senior High School)

In order to gain acceptance into Graduate School (Senior High School), several requirements or educational items must be met. These items vary from school to school; however, the main ones needed are listed below, with a brief overview of each.

- Transcript –

Colleges need a copy of a student's permanent academic records, otherwise known as a transcript. This transcript details the student's academic background by listing the courses taken along with the grades achieved in each. So that security measures are enforced and transcripts not altered, these documents need to come from the registrar's office of the college or university attended. Some colleges and universities accept telephone orders for transcripts, charging a few dollars each to process the requests and mailing. Others honor online or postal mail requests.

When a student has an original transcript copy with a raised seal on hand, a copy of this may be substituted, depending upon the graduate school's requirements. Interested parties should check ahead first to see which type is needed. Do allow plenty of time for orders to reach destinations, as the process can take many weeks. And do follow up to make sure your transcripts arrive. (Many do not and must be resent!)

- Standardized Test Scores –

The results of standardized tests such as the GRE are required. Depending upon the major area of study, other scores may be needed such as: the LSAT for law school; the MCAT for medical school; the GMAT for business school.

- Recommendations –

Letters of recommendation are required to help show your good traits and personality, etc. to new prospective school administrators. So choose professors from your past undergraduate years who can write positive letters for your file. Include any from persons with whom research and volunteer work was performed as well.

- Essay –

Most graduate programs seek a personal statement and/or admissions essay to be submitted along with the application. Put a lot of thought and planning into this, using books form the public library to help as needed; creating an outline, draft and final revision copy. Include volunteer and research work you've done and plan to do, any career work, etc. Ask the Graduate School for guidelines and samples.

- MISC –

Some schools require an interview. Seek job application books for tips in this area for what to wear, speaking tips, questions and answer tips, etc.

Author: John Daye

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