ITALY - The Government of Italy Scholarship Grants 2009 for Indonesian Citizens

Applications deadline:
5 May 2009

The Government of Italy offers scholarships to Indonesian citizens wishing to pursue their studies in Italy. The selection is held annually by a Selection Committee consisting of competent authorities and expert representing both Italy and Indonesia. This Scholarship grants are distributed for students, professionals, teachers, and artists who meet the necessary requirements for enrollment in any Italian post-secondary institutions (universities, academies, conservatories, art restoration institutes, National School of Cinematography, research centers or laboratories, libraries, archives, museums and other national or nationally-recognized institutions), and who would like to attend specialization courses or to conduct research in specific fields.

For Italian language study, the scholarships are awarded for specific programs which are held at the Universities for Foreigners in Perugia, Siena and Roma Tre or at the other recognized institutions (which are authorized to issue certification of Italian as a second language).

The short-term scholarships are distributed in the range period between one to nine months and are reserved primarily for courses in Italian language and culture. Applicants must possess a high school diploma at the time they apply and must be 35 years of age or younger (minimum maturity age is 18 years old for Indonesian citizen).

Italian language and culture courses of a one-month period are reserved for Italian language teachers to whom no age limit applies, and for 3rd year University students in the Italian Studies Department.

The long-term scholarships consist of a nine – to twelve-month period, (depending on the length of the course) beginning in autumn. They are awarded for specific research or specialized courses at public post-secondary institutions in any area of study, except for medical studies. All courses of study must be undertaken at the Government approved educational institutions. Applicants for the long-term scholarships interested in undergraduate research or study must possess a high school diploma entitling the applicant to enroll in university; for those wishing to study or conduct research at the post-graduate level, the minimum requirement is a Master’s degree. Applicants must be 35 years of age or younger (minimum maturity age in Indonesia is 18 years old).


Elements taken into consideration by the Selection Committee are:
  • The applicant’s curriculum studiorum and vitae.
  • The applicant’s proposed program of study (for post-graduate, master courses and doctorate studies).
  • The Reference letters from Indonesian or Italian academics (for post-graduate, master courses and doctorate studies).
  • The existence of direct contacts between the candidate and Italian academics and/or institutes of higher learning in the candidate’s field of study (applies particularly to applicants for long-term scholarships).
  • Knowledge of Italian is mandatory; unless the applicant is applying for Italian language courses or applying for an independent study (in this case the candidate must have a letter from a professor declaring willing to follow the student in another language).

Scholarships offered by the Italian Government cover standard living expenses such as boards and lodging expenses, Insurance( valid only in Italian Territory ) , and do not include air fares (return)
Please note that scholarship recipients must make their own travel and lodging arrangements.
Any partial or total exemption from university fees for scholarship recipients is the decision of the individual university/ institution; no exemptions are granted by private institutions.

Changes in the place of study or the starting date will not be permitted once the scholarship has been awarded. Applicants must therefore indicate the name of their chosen institution and the dates of the chosen existing course/s clearly and exactly on their application forms.


Please read carefully; incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • three copies ( two in Italian Laguage, one in Indonesian Language ) of the application form (in MS Word Format n. 1), each with original signature and each accompanied by a signed passport-size photograph;
When you win the scholarship, you are subsequently required to submit the following documents as soon as possible:
  • at least two original letters of reference from professors, teachers and/or professional superiors (for post-graduate, master courses and doctorate studies)
  • Original (for authentication) and certified copies of the applicant’s high school diploma and/or university degree(s).
  • Original and certified copy of High school transcript;
  • Original and certified copy of University transcript, if applicable;
  • Original (for authentication) proof of Indonesian citizenship: copies of one of the following: passport, citizenship certificate or birth certificate;

Certified copies will not be returned and original documents will be returned upon completion the process of authentication and authorization by the Italian Institute of Culture and the Embassy of Italy.


Applications postmarked after the deadline will not be accepted.

Applications for downloads in Indonesian and in Italian

>> Application form in Indonesian language
>> Application form in Italian language

For further information please contact or visit during official working hours:

The Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) in Jakarta
Jalan H.O.S. Cokroaminoto no.117, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat 10350
Phone: (021) 3927532
Fax : (021) 310 1661

Offical announcement can be obtained from:

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