Easy to Learn Math Tricks

Have you ever wanted to teach your child some simple math tricks that you learned many years ago but can't seem to remember them? Well you are not alone! With the amount of math tricks that are out there, it can be hard to remember all of them. Here are a few to help refresh your mind for you.

A lot of children tend to get scared when they begin multiplication for 10 and up, but you can actually make things a little less scary for them. Usually by grade two a child is beginning to learn how to multiply things by the number eleven and many struggle, so teach your child this little trick and they'll love you forever for it.

Let go through an example so you can visually see by what I mean when I say you can literally multiple anything by eleven. Let's use the following equation:

11 x 45

Now with the numbers you are multiplying eleven with separate them with a space so you are now given the individual numbers 4 & 5. Now add these to numbers together which will get you 9. Now here comes the easiest part ever. Where you placed the space between the numbers 4 & 5 place the number 9 and you'll now have the total of 11 x 45= 495

Now if your child gets caught with a double digit number teach them this nifty little trick:

11 x 78

You will once again add these two numbers together which will give you 15. Let me show you what you'll need to do.

11x78 > 7 (7+8) 8 > 7 15 8 ... Now you will take the number 1 and add it onto the 7 which will then give you the answer of 858 for your answer. This trick is very simple and can let anyone truly get a better feel of doing their eleven times tables.

Now that you've learned how to do your eleven times table let's back track to the nine times table. This trick happens to be one of the most simplistic tricks anyone could ever learn and help a child really start out with their math.

When you are given a multiplication problem where you are multiplying 9 by 6 hold up both your hands in front of you, then you will begin counting from your left hand to the right hand till you hit the 6th finger, which would be your thumb. When you lower you thumb look at the fingers you have left on each hand. On your left hand you have 5 and on your right hand you have four. Place these two numbers together side by side and you'll have the answer of 54.

As you can see by using these two tricks you can really start your way to successfully starting your child's understanding of math. When a child finds that they are not struggling with math they are more likely to enjoy it, so teach them these two simple tricks and be on your way to have a child who loves participating in math.
Author: Bryan Halverson

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