How to Remember What You Study

Tomorrow is the big exam. You studied but you are already worried if you will remember all those lists. You worry about what you will say to your family and friends if you fail. Do you feel like you understand the material, but get it all confused at the time of the exam. This is nothing unusual and I have some tips to help you improve your memory for the next big test.

How to remember what you study..

1. Take many short breaks while your study

Study for no more than twenty minuets at a time then take a five minute break. If you are at the library take a walk around and allow your mind to wonder. When you come back ask your self what did I study before I took that break, force your mind to recall the information. If you can not recall the information you need to review what you studied before the break
Such short breaks give your brain a rest and help reinforce what you are learning. Do not read anything at all during the breaks. Just let your mind wonder.

2. Talk to your self out loud

Give your self a lecture on the material in your own words. Explain the concepts to your self. Ask your self the questions that may be on the test and then answer them out loud.
This kinda of self lecture helps to ingrain the information in your long term memory.

3. Study with classmates

Teaching someone else about the subject is the single best way to understand it yourself. When you study with your classmates your can take turns asking each other questions. Another advantage in studying with others is that they may have picked up something in the lecture that you have missed. These study sessions will also help keep you on track as you will be held accountable by your study mates. You have to be prepared.

4. Get enough sleep

Good sleep is essential for the brain to function properly and to have a good memory. A lack of sleep will interfere with proper memory function. Some studies have shown that memories are consolidated as you sleep. Do not stay up late the night before the test cramming. You would not stay up all night running as hard as you can the the night before a marathon. At least I hope you would not. The night before the test it is imperative to get a good eight hours sleep.

5. Eat properly before the test.

During the exam you don't want to be starving, stuffed, overstimulated or have a headache from caffeine withdraw. It is best to eat a light meal before the exam. Nothing too fatty as that will tend to put you to sleep. The brain only uses carbohydrates for energy so this is not the time for a no-carb diet. As far as caffeine goes it is an addictive drug. If you normally drink a cup of coffee then drink it, but do not go overboard. Being overstimulated can cause you to make stupid mistakes.

6. Learn various memory systems or mnemonics

People have different preferences as to what memory system works best for them. Some people like the method of loci while others prefer the peg system. But almost all students use acronyms at some point. The funnier the acronym the easier it is to remember.
These six tips for improving your memory for college exams should help you improve your performance and make the most out of your study time. Good luck on your next exam.

Author: Gene Grzywacz

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