Student Loan BII

A joint facility between Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII), Sampoerna Foundation, and International Finance Corporation by providing financial support for educational at Sampoerna School of Business and Management (SBM-ITB).

Download Brochure, Application Form, and Letter of Recommendation Form:

- BLEMBA Brochure
- ISEMBA (Energy and Telecommunication) Brochure
- Application Form
- Letter of Recommendation Form

Easy and Surely!
• Surely prepared education financing.
• Application can be easily get from university*, Sampoerna Foundation, and BII branches nearest.
• Easy access to well known university* across Indonesia
• Simple requirement
• Maximum credit facility up to IDR 200 million

Plenty of Advantages!
• No Collateral Credit Facility
• Administration Fee is Free
• Credit Provision Fee is Free
• Flexible Credit Tenor that is 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 months.
• The debtor can be Parents, Uncle/Auntie, Spouse, Family Member, or such Student.
• Very Competitive Interest Rate.
• Income can be calculated by joint income.
• Well known participating university* across Indonesia.
• Credit process can be accepted before University intake for surely bank financing.

Special Benefits await you!
• You get BII ComboCard for free and enjoy price discount up to 20% at thousands of merchants all over
• You can transact at 700 BII ATM, 3,000 ALTO ATM and over 800,000 Cirrus ATM
• You can conduct various bill payment transaction: credit card, Telkom, hand phone, pager, insurance and Mutual fund at BII ATM
• Access to BII Internet Banking
Conditions to be met by applicant:
• Indonesian citizen (WNI) who is law literate.
• Minimum age of applicant is 21 years old or is married, and maximum is 60 years old (when credit duration ends).
• Minimum net income must be IDR 40 million per year.
• Work experience must be at least 1 year for employees and 2 years for professional and entrepreneurs.
• Location of residence/work must be located within BII branch area.
• Applicant must be willing to open savings account at BII.

Document Requirement for Employees and Student:
• Original Application Form
• Copy of ID (KTP) belonging to Debtor, Spouse, Guarantor, and Student
• Copy of Kartu Keluarga including Student
• Original Salary Slip and original Work Reference Letter
• Copy of Marriage/Divorce.
• Copy of personal NPWP or copy of SPT PPH 21
• Copy of Birth Certificate of Student
• Original of Offering Letter from University for Student
• Copy of Latest Legalized Educational Certificate for Student
• Copy of Latest Student ID for Student
• Copy of Latest Legalized Transcript for Student

Additional for Entrepreneurs:
• Copy of SIUP
• Copy of current2/savings account for the last 3 months
• Copy of Personal NPWP

Additional for Professionals:
• Copy of business license
• Copy of current/savings account for the last 3 months
• Copy of Personal NPWP 3

For more details, please feel free to contact the Program Officer (Student Loan) Mr. Adi Pratama:
Apratama@bankbii.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it (0813.81108292).


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